Aqua jogging, feel the burn! Splash your friend!

I had a wonderful workout at the pool last night. I can feel the good kind of soreness all over. We did several different types of aqua jogging exercises last night:

-The classic running in water

-Running with hands out of the water (think bank robbery style), which is a killer core strengthener

-High kicks

-Knee to opposite elbow

My legs felt like noodles after, and I slept pretty darn well. I have decided to go to the pool at least once a week–today I feel so strong! I think this will be a fabulous cross-training, particularly in the summertime.

Last night I had a dream that I was four hours late for the half marathon, and I was scrambling to get there and try to run it before the course shut down. Of course getting to the start was not easy! I had to take several ferries, and when I got to the final bridge, it was incomplete and I had to swim part of the way to the start line. I woke up before I ever made it there.

So, note to self… set two alarms for Sunday morning 🙂

Tonight I am going to make sure (and double, then probably triple-check) that my bag is packed with all of my clothing, my running shoes (of course!), my body glide, GU for fuel, and my iPod. So excited about this race and the weekend to come.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Aqua jogging, feel the burn! Splash your friend!

  1. Dreams like that (totally not going to happen ~ BUT TOTALLY COULD) drive me crazy!
    Who set up the exercise routine? I have a gym membership with a pool and I think it would be great to incorporate something like this into my workouts!

    • We did research and then designed the routine for our needs/goals 🙂 Tons of great articles out there (and youtube how-to videos) on how to make the most of aqua jogging.

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