I have exciting plans tonight…

I am going aqua jogging at the pool with my running buddy!

Even better news… she got the green light from her doctor to go ahead and do the half marathon this weekend!

Sigh, yesterday was another wildcard Wednesday. There is an intestinal bug circulating through the family (my toddler was totally unfazed by it, naturally), and yesterday I was cramping and spending some time on the porcelain. It wasn’t a good day for running, so I had to pass on my workout. However, I was able to bike a few miles around the neighborhood before the rain got really heavy, and that helped me to unwind a bit from my work day. Fortunately, I am feeling completely normal today (I was worried last night that this issue would impact my race weekend). You do not want the trots during a half marathon! I think I’ve dodged the bullet πŸ™‚

Do you ever run in the pool? What are some of the ways you get exercise in during a recovery?


I was feeling pretty gross, but I did get some fresh air!

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