A funny and a request

Good morning! Tuesday can be a tough day to be excited about, so here is a video for your enjoyment. I know I chuckled a bit, and I am totally guilty of saying/doing most of these things:

Last night I enjoyed a trail run with my running buddy. The weather was sunny and gorgeous. We warmed up with karaoke drills before tackling the 3 miles, and then we finished with stretching and planks. Incorporating the dynamic warm-ups and strength training from track workouts enhanced our run. I look forward (with a bit of anxiety) to tomorrow’s track workout, which is a partner relay (each partner runs 10 x 400 alternating laps with another person of a similar pace).

Unfortunately, my running buddy rolled her ankle on a slippery rock and is experiencing some residual pain and swelling today! She is also signed up for the half marathon this Sunday. We are both thinking positive and hoping she is mended by Sunday, but please send positive and healing thoughts Rebecca’s way this week.

In other news, I am considering competing in a duathlon this summer… I thought about a triathlon, but I think that might be a goal for 2014, since the swimming alone would take up a lot of training hours. The race I am looking at is in mid-July… so it could give me a different kind of challenge to look forward to in the midst of marathon training. Thoughts?

Off to Zumba tonight…


4 thoughts on “A funny and a request

  1. I haven’t considered a duathlon but it seems like it would be a good idea – an entry into the multi-sport realm. Though I figured with tri training that the swimming is just going to replace some of my existing running training days.

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