Let the count-down begin!

Whidbey Island half marathon is this Sunday and I am so excited! I feel ready and excited to tackle this race. My goal for the week is to do a few shorter easy-going runs, attend the track work out, and keep myself healthy and rested.

My race on Saturday was a lot like the St. Patty’s race in that it was evenly paced and non-extraordinary, for the most part. My biggest take-away is remembering how challenging running a 5K used to be, and how sweet it is that a 5-mile run can be leisurely and pleasant (and I can continue about my business for the rest of the day). Other weekend updates… my husband replaced the tire on my bike for me, and I was able to ride a bit yesterday between downpours which was really fun. I haven’t been on a bike in a long time! I think I’ve found my complimentary exercise for marathon training. Aside from a sore tuchas, I can feel that my legs and core were impacted so differently from biking than they are from running.

Between work, presenting at a conference, hosting visitors, my own travel and races, April is transforming into a busy and activity-filled month for me!

What are your plans for the week?

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