Hump Day Hero

Today I want to write about a real-life hero, my running buddy and friend Rebecca. Rebecca has been my number one support through my running journey. Like me, she is a new runner who is determined to seek health, wellness, and having a lot of fun. She works hard at what she does, and running is no exception. She dutifully accompanies me to Zumba, even though she thinks it is a little nutty. The truth is, without Rebecca there would not have been Zumba classes or track workouts or even half of the races I’ve signed up for in the last year. This lady keeps me going strong!

So thank you, Rebecca, for being so many things, including my running buddy!

I realize we are standing in front of the Police Department in this photo. Luckily, this was a perfectly legal day and nobody was arrested 🙂

Do you have a running buddy? I’d love to hear about her/him!

Happy Hump Day…

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