This home that I love

I was treated to an exciting little reminder today; the official artwork for the Bellingham Marathon was released. It’s a piece entitled “Community Origins” by Neeka Cook.


Image courtesy of

I think the artwork is awesome, and it reminds me once again why I picked my beloved home as the location for my first marathon. My training schedule starts in two months, and while that gives me a bit of time, I do need to remember that a large percentage of training for a long distance race is mental imagining. The reveal of the artwork reminded me to keep the marathon present in my mind even though the structured training has yet to begin.

Tonight is Zumba!

2 thoughts on “This home that I love

  1. Hey! That race sounds like it is going to be just perfect for you. 🙂
    Just wanted you to know that reading about your workouts with the local running group really helped to motivate me to go to my first one tonight. I put a link to your page on my blog 🙂
    Thank you!!!

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