Happy Monday!

Well, you have probably noticed that my blog updates have become more sporadic. I guess it is time to level with you, my readers, and open up about what is going on. I have decided not to run a marathon this year.

















Happy Monday! It’s going to be a great week for running! Yesterday I celebrated our unseasonably warm early spring day by going for a 6 mile trail run. It was incredibly beautiful. I spent the rest of my day digging up the yard and planting lilacs. Needless to say, I slept very well!

lake whatcom

One of the breathtaking scenes from yesterday’s trail run.

As we venture into the lighter months, I am making a commitment to continue what has emerged as an unintentional pattern: a trail run every Sunday. Getting out to the quiet and serenity helps to focus me before the chaos of the work week. Additionally, I think the trail run offers so many benefits for training. It’s a nice way to juxtapose the monotony of the track workout midweek (I do love the track workout, I just think the scenery is boring!).

My intention for this week is to really pay attention to stretching and taking care of my muscles after running. I am much more diligent about warming up, but stretching is an important aspect to avoiding injury. I’ve also noticed that stretching affords me the pause to gather my thoughts and emotions from the run I just completed and take something salient with me through the rest of the day.


I’ve got a fun 5K through the tulip fields coming up this weekend. Also, I can’t believe the Whidbey Island half is only two weeks away! Where did the time go??? I am hoping to shave another couple minutes off of my time and finish in 2:15 or under. I finished my last half marathon at 2:18, so I think my goal is attainable. I know my mile is getting (gradually) speedier day by day!

One last thing for this grab bag of a post… I recently invested in some new running pants because my Funky Running tights are too big now (I kept almost mooning people on my runs!). I got these cropped pants from Brooks. They. Are. Incredible. So flattering and just the thickness I like! Maybe I’ll take a selfie in them one day so I can show you what they look like on a Real Woman πŸ™‚

Happy Running!

Happy April!

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I love trail running. I try to get at least one in every week for sheer mental sanity. You’re right, it just lets you escape from the rest of the world and kind of release. I Also definitely think that it makes me a stronger runner from dealing with the mixed terrain (roots, rocks, hills).

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