Pacers, packs, planks

Last night’s track workout was hard work (okay, I am coming to the conclusion that they will never be easy!), but I am already feeling some tangible improvements and this is only the third week in. Our workout last night was:

Grapevine/Karaoke drills

Backward running

High kicks

2 reps of an 8 minute tempo run followed by 5 minutes at a 5K pace

Feel good 400


I felt good about the tempo runs because I was just short of completing a mile both times, which means I am getting closer to an 8 minute mile. The 5 minute runs at 5K pace were surprisingly delightful. I did notice a difference in my pace between the two types of runs… the 5K pace was quicker and a bit springier.

Another thing happened last night–I found two other women who run at approximately my pace! We were able to pace each other and run in a pack. It is so much easier to stay steady when you are part of a pack.

Today I am resting, but tomorrow I plan on a trail run.

Happy Thursday!

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