10 Lessons on Running

Ten things I have learned about running:

1. A mile will never get any shorter, but you will become more patient.

2. Acknowledge the other runners you pass. Your smile or “hello” could give somebody the extra push to finish strong.

3. Use body glide. Chafing is simply the worst, and it happens to everybody.

4. Poop before you run.

5. Related–this is the Ritz Carlton of toilet accommodations on a trail run. If you aren’t as lucky and find yourself in a port-o-potty, don’t look down.


6. Let another person’s decision to run be your inspiration. Don’t let another person’s decision not to run be your excuse. Buddy runs are fun, but people decide not to go sometimes for whatever reason. You still need to go!

7. A vacation/guests staying over shouldn’t interrupt a running schedule. When all is said or done, you will probably be a better behaved host or guest because you went for a run.

8. Have somebody take your picture after you cross the finish line.

9. You really cannot go wrong with bananas or apples with peanut butter.

10. Talk to other people about your running practice. They might be sick of it, but saying something aloud over and over again makes it harder to back out.


A scene from yesterday morning’s trail run.



4 thoughts on “10 Lessons on Running

  1. I don’t know why, but I can’t see the pictures 😦
    I love #6, #7 and #10. These are three choices I’ve made for quite some time now and they are SO TRUE. The thing is… you learn it, but you still have to choose it every day.

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