I went to my first track workout with running club coaches last night and even though it took a lot of nerve and positive self-talk to show up, I am so glad I went! I know this weekly workout (extends through the end of summer) is going to equip me with so many tools, not just throughout marathon training, but for my running practice in general.

Last night our workout was:

Warm up laps

Grapevine/Karaoke Drills, High kicks, Backward running

8 minute tempo run


1 lap at “ideal” mile pace


Timed mile trial


What a great workout! I got some really good advice from one of the coaches about approaching a mile on the track. First lap is relaxed–the impulse is to rush out of the barn, but you’ve got to conserve a bit. Second lap is about FOCUS; don’t give up the energy from the first lap. Third lap is where you’ve got to push hard–the logic behind this is that people often over conserve until the fourth lap, but that won’t help your time as much as pushing during the third lap. Fourth lap is “all guts” and the last stretch to finish.

Since I usually run around a 10 minute mile on long runs, I wanted to complete my timed trial around 9 minutes. I surprised myself and crossed the finish at 8:24! I think if I had pushed just a little harder in the third lap, I could have gotten to the finish in 8:00. This time sets the framework for how we will measure improvement as our sessions progress.

All of the participants were so supportive and the coaches are great. I’m lucky to belong to such an awesome running club. I’m proud of myself for beginning this new chapter. I will definitely look forward to a very sweaty workout each Wednesday evening!


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