Delayed Gratification

You plant bulbs in the fall, and don’t see any evidence of a sprout until months later. Finally, in the warmth of spring, the petals are pried apart by the sunshine and the color opens to the sky.

The runner is like a bulb. The dedicated routine in the dark months is a time of taking nutrients in, of becoming strong, even if the changes are nearly invisible. Most of the growth is in the root system, the amazingly complex lifeline that delves deep beneath the ground. The temptation is to look down at the soil, resign to the attitude that it will always be soil, and discontinue nurturing the bulb. But if the knowledge that a bloom will emerge one day is maintained and believed and worked toward, the reward is eventually realized. Delayed gratification… the best gratification… a challenging goal to reach.

A jug fills drop by drop. There is no fast and easy way to be a runner, and the practice of running takes daily dedication, even on the days without running.

One day, I will bloom. Right now I am growing my roots.

2 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification

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