Slow week

I’ve been taking it a bit easy this week as I have been recovering from another gross snotty cold. Luckily, this time I do not feel one iota as crappy as I did the last time. For that, I am thankful. Tuesday night’s Zumba class was really fun. Last night, I was feeling really congested and tired, so I just did 1.5 miles of walking and some stretching at home. Tonight I hope to get outside and go for a short run. Yup, slow week so far, but I am listening to my body and giving it the rest time it deserves.

Tomorrow I have a date with my running buddy; we are going to make green tutus for the upcoming St. Patty’s run! I am really excited to create a ridiculous costume. With a green tutu and my shamrock knee socks, I should be all set for a FUN RUN.

Happy Thursday–Stay Healthy!

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