Spring is peaking through…

Today the weather is chilly but clear. Yesterday the neighborhood was bathed in sun, and my little daffodils and crocuses crept up just a bit more over the weekend. I realized that I need to get out my graph paper and sketch out a plan for the garden. Last year, we closed on our house in June, so I didn’t get to indulge in much gardening; just some herbs for the most part. This spring I hope to plant quite a few vegetables in addition to the herbs. Spring is peaking through, so it seems. The days of running with a headlamp are coming to an end… and the challenges of winter training are disappearing, not to emerge again until next year.

I love making celebration out of the mundane, so I decided to participate in the March Run Every Day Challenge. The challenge is to run at least one mile for each day in March. I was grateful for the sunny weather yesterday, because it helped me to get outside and do my miles–it’s tough to go for a run the day after a half marathon I discovered! I am glad I did it, though. I am so much less sore/stiff today because I got my blood pumping for a bit yesterday. I am looking forward to a run this evening, sans headlamp and in beautiful weather.

My intention for this week is to continue to attempt boundaries with noisy distracting internet things, such as social media and work email (easier said than done!), and to stay well hydrated and nourished each day.

Happy Monday!


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