Make-up day

I didn’t go for a run yesterday. My daughter was home sick and my husband and I were swapping shifts so that we could make critical meetings at our respective offices. By the end of the day, we were both pooped and decided on some take-out Thai food and wine.

I am home again today with my girl, but she is feeling better and so I plopped her in the jogging stroller and ran around 3 miles this morning. It’s a sunny day and we both enjoyed the fresh air. Running with a stroller is so difficult for me!!! I guess it is good strength training–plus the company isn’t bad.

Tonight I have Zumba and I am looking forward to dancing and getting stinky and sweaty.

Today was a make-up day… running in the morning and my regular cross-training this evening.

My shoes are breaking in nicely!

Oh, and before I forget–I registered for the Portland R&R half marathon (this May). Two exciting half marathons on the docket for this spring! More later…

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