Week in Review

It finally happened… this morning I lost my right toe nail. I pulled off the dangling nail and was relieved to find a very thin new nail growing underneath. Thankfully, no pain at all. Running=nasty feet, but that is okay, I love running anyway 🙂

Sunday= 3 miles

Monday= REST

Tuesday= 4 miles

Wednesday= Yoga (at home, nothing fancy)

Thursday= 5 miles

Friday= 7 miles

Saturday= Zumba

Total: 19 miles

My new shoes feel so good! I am excited to go for a run tonight.

I want to revisit a few intentions I’ve mentioned over the past month. First, drinking more water. I’m getting the hang of this one. One of my tricks is that before I can have coffee in the morning, I fill my mug to the brim with water and drink that first. The other intention is eating more whole fruits and vegetables. The weekly produce delivery has made this incredibly easy! Aside from the time I used the cauliflower to make a chocolate cake, I’ve used fruits and veggies to plump up stir fries, salads, quiches, and I’ve enjoyed them roasted and raw… all of this has been a great addition to the variety of food in our house.

I am running a race a week from Saturday with my running club. There are two options; 4 miles or 13.1 miles. I am still making up my mind!

Happy Running and Happy Friday!

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