Play that funky music…

I had all the intentions of posting yesterday, but my Hump Day was hectic! Not in a bad way, just very busy. I have been running though!

Spring, I am ready for you! These winter sunsets are pretty, but not long enough for my runs!

I have this on-again off-again relationship with listening to music on my runs. Full disclosure: I absolutely love running to music. However, I can’t always do it (for example, road running in the evenings I need all my hearing!). I do also believe that running is its own music and sometimes taking the headphones off can truly unlock an entirely different level of clarity. That being said, music can really help to make a run enjoyable, faster, help me get through a wall… help me get up the motivation when I’m slacking… sometimes a new playlist is like a reward for running. And because I have a toddler, I don’t get to listen to a lot of stuff outside of the Raffi genre when I am in the car. Without further ado, here is a short playlist of some of my favorite tunes for running these days (it’s eclectic):

What are some of your favorites???

Do you listen to music when you run races???



5 thoughts on “Play that funky music…

  1. I love Inner Ninja!

    I used to be sooo unbelievably dependent on music when I run – especially if it’s on the treadmill! I’m weaning myself off a little bit though. Outside running is best because of the scenery so I don’t need music as much!

    • Oh yeah, I can’t do a track or treadmill without music–FORGET IT! But running outdoors definitely provides enough sensory input to forgo the tunes most of the time.

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