When to retire shoes

Happy Tuesday!

I’m sharing this article from the New York Times which provides some interesting commentary on how to gauge when it is time to retire running shoes.

My new shoes arrived today, and I’ll be breaking them in a bit at Zumba, followed by a shorter run tomorrow evening.

I just finished mapping my long run for the weekend, and I am so excited for this route; I’ll be running by water almost the entire time. Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much!

I am toying around with the idea of running the Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll Half this May. We have family down there and it’s right between Mother’s Day and my daughter’s second birthday, so I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate. I know I have some readers from the PNW–has anybody done this race before? Would you recommend it? Rock ‘n’ Roll events in general… fun or over-hyped?

Any feedback appreciated!

And yes, I realize celebrating by running 13.1 miles is unique–but I know you understand.


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