I am a runner

This last week brought renewed vigor and commitment to my running practice. Being back to health after a lingering cold has underscored the utter freedom I feel every time I get outside and run. I met my distance goals for both Friday and Saturday; double header 10K distances actually worked out nicely. I feel like 6 miles is this really round, doable distance that gives me a satisfying workout while remaining comfortable. On Saturday I ran the distance with a running buddy and the weather was just blissful; felt like a spring day and the combination of an easy-going run with sunshine was magical.

Today I was going to do some cross training or rest, but I felt the itch to run as early as mid-morning. By the time we were home from a lunch date with friends, I had to lace up my shoes and go for a run. I took advantage of the daylight (and dry, albeit cloudy weather), and ran my 3 miles on trails rather than roads. The softer surface was a good change (I think my joints appreciated it), and I worked a bit on maintaining a faster mile time on hills.

Also, today marked what I believe was my last run in my trusty Mizunos. They have more than 300 miles on them at this point, and I know they are at the end of their life. Off to the shoe farm they go… Replacement Mizunos (a slightly updated edition) are on the way and should be here by early this week. For the first time, it’s a bit emotional saying goodbye to this pair of shoes. I feel like they have been with me through so many miles, hours, triumphs, and just the ordinary rhythmic pavement pounding of my normal day. It is also a new chapter in my journey as a runner that I actually ran a pair of shoes to death. These shoes were only used for training and races, and I have had them for months, not years.

Goodbye, my friends.

As I quickly changed into my running clothes this afternoon, I caught myself in the bathroom mirror before leaving the house. I had to do a double-take. Running is changing my body and strengthening it in ways I never would have imagined before! I looked into the mirror and you know what I thought? I am a runner. I am a runner. I am a runner. Some days I still can’t believe it, but today I was certain.

Feeling good.

How was your weekend? What are your goals this week?

3 thoughts on “I am a runner

  1. This post resonated with me! I got my new shoes right before my half marathon and didn’t wear them b/c I was a little afraid I’d blister wearing new shoes in a long race. Right after that (beginning of November) I started wearing my Brooks and I’ve done all of my marathon training since then in these shoes. I haven’t calculated the mileage, but they have to be nearing the end of their lives (or they are at least deep into middle-age). It will be hard to get rid of them.

    You do look great! I agree with Toronto 😉
    Lately I’ve been doing the same thing ~ catching myself in the mirror and having similar thoughts. It’s so empowering.

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