Week in Review

Sunday- XTrain (Hike)

Monday- 5 miles

Tuesday- XTrain (Zumba)

Wednesday- REST

Thursday- 3 miles

Friday- 6 miles

Saturday- 6 miles

Total: 20 miles

THIS is more like it! I thoroughly enjoyed my week and I look forward to a double-header of 10Ks tonight and tomorrow morning.

I started watching “Spirit of the Marathon” yesterday and, I am not going to lie, it made me pretty emotional. I am excited to finish it this weekend, and I have a feeling I might be re-watching it a few times as I train for the marathon. Speaking of inspiration, have you seen this episode of NOVA? When I saw it many months ago, it cemented my determination to run a half marathon. Now I’ve done two, with a third lined up just two months away.

I enjoyed an amazing run last night. It was not a long run, but I felt incredible and I actually set a new PR for my 5K (25:18). Considering my 5K time was around 33 minutes in September, I am very pleased to take note of the progress. Runs and results like those remind me that this whole training for a marathon business is more than just an exercise in unapologetic masochism 🙂

Looking forward to completing some solid mileage in the next 24 hours. Happy Friday, and Happy Running!

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