Back in the saddle

Ran 5 miles last night and it felt so good! When I got home, I enjoyed a croissant filled with roasted chicken, avocados (thank you, produce bin!), tomatoes, and cucumbers. By the time I went to sleep, my body, mind, and stomach were all immensely satisfied. To top it off, I enjoyed good sleep last night. Sometimes going for a run feels like pushing a giant “RESET” button and you wake up feeling like a new person. I’m a new woman today!

[Soapbox Warning]

One thing I love about my experience as a runner is that it frames a relationship with food in a very positive way. I feel like I am in the minority as a woman who does not have a single toe dipped into some diet or cleansing scheme (yes, I said scheme and I stand behind that). I am an active person, and I love and cherish that part of my life. Does it mean that I am gleeful each time I lace up my shoes and go out for a run? No, sometimes running is difficult and sometimes it is boring. But overall, I can say that the benefits of a consistent running practice elevate me so much closer to the person I aspire to be–there is this tangible ripple effect from running. I feel positive impacts from my work life to my relationships with my family members and friends. Which brings me back to diets… I scoff at them because I already feel fantastic and healthy–and because I run an average of 4 days a week, I generally don’t eat foods that are going to give my stomach hell. Additionally, I need to be fueled for a run. You just can’t make progress without the proper fuel.

To tell you the truth, I think our society’s obsession with dieting is a tragedy, particularly for girls and women. A sibling to that tragedy is this notion that exercise needs to be a brutal and compulsive chore that should make us “burn” and change certain body parts to look more like a patriarchal standard of beauty and sexuality. I mean, how often does a magazine boast a weight circuit for an idea bikini bottom? Conversely, how often does a magazine address the biology of good cardiovascular health? I am passionate about running because although it is an initially difficult practice to acquire, it also breaks so many barriers in terms of gender, age, health… When you are a runner, each day is an opportunity to engage the body and mind and marvel and their strength. When you are a runner with long term goals, holistic health is paramount. Each tool and support in your pocket must be sustainable.

Personally, running is a way I express respect for my body. It is a way that I nurture my whole health; my self concept. Running is a wonderful opportunity to model positive attitude for my daughter. And, of course, running is the perfect companion to healthy and adventurous eating.

[Steps off Soapbox]

I am looking forward to Zumba tonight! Happy Tuesday!

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