Hello to a new week

I am finally better! Yesterday morning I went on a celebratory hike alone through the woods. It was blissful and exactly what I needed to greet this new week. With 2 months to go until the Whidbey Island Half, it is time to resume my normal schedule. Nothing makes you more grateful for running than when you’ve had to take a break for health reasons. I also baked some delicious hamantaschen last night, making for a tasty finale to my weekend. I recommend this recipe if you’re interested. Neither healthy nor low-calorie… but we’re runners, so it’s all good!

The plan for this week is 5 miles tonight, Zumba tomorrow, 3-4 miles Wednesday, rest on Thursday, and 7-8 miles Friday. The upcoming holiday weekend should afford me at least one day for a solid long run. There is a “two for the road” 5K on Saturday morning hosted by the running club I belong to which I may do, depending on how the morning unfolds (we have friends staying with us this weekend). How do you make time for running when you are also hosting others?

Glad to be back, and super psyched for my run tonight!

3 thoughts on “Hello to a new week

  1. Sorry to hear you were sick but happy to hear you are better! I am just recovering from strep throat. I had a half marathon planned for Saturday that I was looking forward to for months. I started feeling sick on Friday and it turned into a nasty case of strep throat by early Saturday morning. It was AWFUL. I was just mentioning to my husband last night how much we take our good health for granted. It just takes a couple days of being really sick to make you appreciate how amazing our bodies are to keep us feeling good so much of the time!

    Anyway, hope you have a good week of running and a fun weekend with friends. If I have a long run planned, I try to change up my schedule and get it done before the visitors arrive. Otherwise, I’ll get up early and possibly miss out on breakfast/brunch in order to get my run done (if it is important).

    • Oh man, strep throat?!?! So sorry you missed the race on Saturday! I hope your recovery is quick. An even better half awaits you in your future, I’m sure 🙂

  2. Glad you’re better!!

    Vacations or visitors etc really throw off my running/exercise schedule. It’s pretty hard to fit in..unless maybe to do it veeery early in the morning before anyone is up!

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