Race Logistics

Whew, finally booked a hotel for the Whidbey Island Half. I know I could technically wake up at the butt crack of dawn and drive from Bellingham to Oak Harbor, but after consulting with my husband, we decided that would be a miserable (and stinky) drive home. After a half marathon I want two things: endless bagels and a hot shower. I decided on the more expensive hotel with the later check-out and more amenities so I can have a relaxing day/evening before the run and a nice unhurried hot shower after I cross the finish line.

I like traveling to run races. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hopped on a plane to run a race somewhere far away one day (I don’t think I’d ever plan an entire trip around it, but maybe line up a vacation with a race?). It’s fun to think about. Even the difference between running a half in Bellingham versus Seattle gave me some perspective. The geography and general race day energy between two places just a 90 minute drive apart made for completely different experiences.

Races, especially out of town races, are a bit of an investment. That being said, running (at least for me) is a very cheap sport day-to-day. Yes, there is lots of gear out there, but I am relatively low maintenance. I am a person who cherishes ceremony and tradition–races give me that sense of achievement and closure before working toward a new goal. I am also early in my running journey, and identifying with other runners and finishers at races helps validate who I am and why I am doing this. I remember a 5K walk/run last December that I finished before my other fundraising team members (they were walking). I stood at the finish line and watched people change when they crossed the threshold. It was reminiscent of how I feel when I volunteer at my university’s commencement exercises and watch the students become graduates. Each run changes us, offers us something new–races do this on a magnified scale.

End of my ramblings for today… so looking forward to my run this evening!

Have a great Wednesday.

PS. The first produce bin was delivered yesterday and it’s awesome. I’m making kale chips tonight!

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