Bringing back the Zone

Another day went by without a run, but the good news is I feel even healthier today. This cold has been an epic snotty mess, and I so look forward to the end. Tonight would be my evening of cross training, but it’s family night at my little one’s preschool so we are going to be hanging out in our fuzzy pajamas, eating spaghetti, and doing some arts and crafts. Wednesday WILL be a 6 mile run, I’ve decided. I know I will be in much better health by that point, and I am excited to get going. I think I will attempt 9 miles on Friday again, since that distance felt really good last week. After spending several hours of both Saturday and Sunday in the office last weekend, I am anxious for a little time in The Zone. I know I sound like a broken record, but winter training is just so much more complicated! The darkness, the moisture, the wrath of cold viruses–I could go on. However, it’s all completely worth it because running a half in April will be a sweet way to kick off an intense season of preparation for my first marathon.

I signed up for a local St. Patty’s-themed-run next month, and I am getting pretty excited. It’s only 5 miles, so I know it will be good times through and through (side note, a year ago if I had said five miles would ever be easy, I would be in disbelief!). I am now the proud owner of Shamrock knee socks, and you’d better believe I will be sporting them the day of the race. What other flair should I consider for my costume? I’ve never really decked myself out for a race, but I figure if there is ever a time to do it, it would be a St. Patty’s run 🙂

Making good progress on this week’s intention to consume a wider variety of produce. The organic delivery service that I signed up with is making the first delivery to our house today. This week’s bin includes apples, pairs, kale, shallots, red potatoes, and cilantro among other things. I foresee a week of creative cooking ahead, which was precisely the motivation for doing this. It’s easy for me to buy the same old standards when at the grocery store, but if somebody puts a bin of amazing organic farm-fresh produce on my porch and says “hey, use this!” I think I will be a bit more adventurous.

Happy Tuesday!


I consume entirely too much coffee. But I do live in the Pacific Northwest. Half of my circulatory system is coffee, after all!

5 thoughts on “Bringing back the Zone

  1. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who would NEVER have said “5-miles would be an easy run” a year ago. So many bloggers out there (who I love) have been doing this for so long… I’m so new and it’s still a shock to hear words like that come out of my mouth, too!
    A green tu-tu will be a must, I think!

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