The work begins…

Friday night I ran 9 miles, no music, no walls–absolute bliss.

Yesterday I felt so sick. After a fantastic 9 mile run on Friday, I spent the weekend in my sweats tending to a sore throat and blocked sinuses. I’ve had a hard time kicking this cold, I was fighting the very idea of being sick. It was discouraging.

For the first Sunday in a very long time, I didn’t run. I stayed inside and organized bookshelves and painted new trim in the kitchen. I drank a lot of tea and cuddled my congested daughter. I was ready to close the book on a weekend that had been an uneventful yet more or less productive couple of days.

Then I got an email from the Bellingham Bay Marathon that registration for the 2013 race was officially open. My pulse actually quickened and my palms got a bit sweaty as I logged on to my account to get registered. I checked and double checked my selection; the Full. Marathon.

You guys, I did it–I registered.

I am running a marathon this year. It is not a new goal, but I am now tethered to the reality of achieving it. I will propel my body through 26.2 miles!

I was lucky enough to experience the most amazing sleep last night and I woke up feeling almost back to my normal self. Tonight I will get outside and run a bit; probably just 3 miles or so. Here’s to hoping that the worst of this cold is finally over!

What’s your favorite cold remedy?


No sweats today!

7 thoughts on “The work begins…

  1. oh my gosh. Maybe i’m just an overall emotional mess, but I almost cried here!!
    AMAZING!! I’m so glad you signed up!!! I will be here cheering you on 😀
    I’m wanting to do my first this year too..but haven’t gone as far as you yet with actually signing up!

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