When is the last time you sang the body electric?

Why am I on this journey? Why do I run? Whatever has possessed me to dream of drumming my feet for hours across the expanse of 26 miles?

Because my body and my spirit are capable; they are an incredible force. I run for the feeling of my pulse beating through every tendon; every cell. I run to encase myself in the crust of salt; the minerals purged through my skin. I run to notice, while driving in my car, that the distance from here to there was one I did on foot; that I am intimately familiar with every sidewalk in my neighborhood to the last puddle and crack.

I run because it’s difficult sometimes and I feel like vomiting or crying, but I always make it home.

I run to find The Zone and drink up inner peace and silence.

I run because it connects me to friends, new and old; a special kismet, a unique bond.

I run because one mile is always one mile, and distance and time are mirrors of honesty.

I run because it’s simple–all I need are two shoes and the outdoors.

But most of all I run because it teaches me to love and respect my being for everything that it is; every line, every curve, every doubt and every hope. The next run is what I make it; my life is what I make it. Each day a new day.

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