Double Rest Day


Thursday is a day for consuming generous amounts of coffee.

Well, I did not end up running yesterday. I was really tired and feeling generally under the weather by the time I got home from work. I put on my running clothes, kept thinking about how I could shorten the distance or somehow trick myself into doing it, and realized that I was not listening to my body. I was tired. I needed a day off. So I opted for a few sets of sit-ups, push-ups, and burpees, gave myself ample time to stretch and called it good. I went to bed early, slept quite well, and feel so much better today. Tonight will also be without running because I am starting a new a capella singing class with a few other women that will meet weekly for the next few months. Though I have always enjoyed singing and music, I am excited to learn some new skills and get the chance to sing with others. I think my ability to stay in tune with my breath through my running practice will help me during my singing lessons!

Friday will be an 8 mile run, the middle portion of it with buddies. It helps to have the company and the incentive to show up somewhere by a certain time. The first part of that run is always a little challenging, because there is a long uphill fairly early on and I am usually very tired from the work week, but by the time I get home, I am always rejuvenated. I am grateful I feel well and that my throat is no longer scratchy and my body is comfortable. I am a goal-oriented person who thrives on routine. It is so easy for me to overlook the importance of pausing, listening to my body, and following those cues. But, as Judy Brown would say, it’s the spaces in between the logs that help the fire grow. And therefore, it is the days of intentional rest that are equally as important as the days of running many miles to reaching the final goal.

Although I was not going to run any races in February, a few fun runs have popped up that seem like they might keep my momentum going next month. One is a “two for the road” 5K around Valentine’s Day. I thought I could run it with Ellen in the stroller (we make a good pair). The other is a headlamp trail run at night with a dinner after. That seems like it could be a memorable experience. The local running shop is also doing a headlamp run one evening that I am planning on attending with one of my running buddies. Anybody else contemplating a fun run or race in the next month or so?

Well, ta-ta for now. Happy running, resting, drinking coffee, or whatever might be on your agenda this Thursday 🙂


I am wearing my favorite red heels today!

6 thoughts on “Double Rest Day

  1. Good for you for listening to your body and knowing you needed a rest. I always struggle with that — never knowing if I really need the rest or if my mind is just trying to convince me that I need it. 😉 But with an 8 mile run on the schedule tomorrow, you will be well-rested and hopefully have a great run!

    I am running a half marathon on February 9th but am not planning to taper for it so it will just be right in the middle of marathon training…we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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