Home after a 3-day weekend

Confession: Running while on vacation with family in a warm house surrounded by countryside and filled with good food, drinks, and comfy sofas is really difficult. Nevertheless, I got my tuchas out in the cold January frost/fog (frog?) and ran a little over 6 miles yesterday. I ran at the local high school track (trails were icy and unpopulated), and thus it was a bit monotonous. I am (fortunately) not accustomed to repetitive scenery. I don’t ever use treadmills, so I realized how much I rely on destinations to keep things interesting. Since I was at a track, I decided to run a victory lap barefoot. One lap barefoot is just as challenging as four laps in trainers. I bow down to you, barefoot runners!

Tonight I went for what I had planned to be a 4 or 5 mile run but ended up being a neat 5K as the fog was very thick and my left calf was complaining quite a bit. Both of the calf muscles feel a tad tight. I reached down to rub them when I got back home and did not recognize the rock-solid hunks of flesh I found. Running is changing my body–despite the discomforts of tightness and soreness once in awhile, I feel very proud of my mind and my body and what we’ve accomplished together so far (especially lately).

Tomorrow is Zumba, and Wednesday  I will revisit that original 5 mile route. Friday will be the usual 6 or 7 miles, and perhaps I will try a yoga class on Saturday. I have not planned my long run for this Sunday yet, but I’d like to do something new with the route.

I saw my mom today and she made good on her goal; she walked a few miles to a track and jogged a bit. Way to go, Ma!

Back to the grind tomorrow…

Who has a killer remedy for tight calf muscles?

Perhaps more barefoot running in my future? Only time will tell…

8 thoughts on “Home after a 3-day weekend

  1. Do NOT neglect those tight calves!!!!!!!!! I am very prone to tight calves and I may be an extreme case, but my neglect resulted in a torn calf muscle at mile 14 of my biggest race ever – DNF. SO – I recommend getting a “stick” and rubbing those things hard every other day or so. If you really work at them, the stick can really loosen them up. Also, do some down-dogs while lifting your heels up & down for some good dynamic stretching.
    Example of the Stick: http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/HSP108/ I find this easier to use on my calves than a foam roller but still find the foam roller to be essential for hams, IT bands, and back.
    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for the advice! I am going to be rolling these puppies religiously from now on 🙂 Also, I have been doing down-dogs and they are extremely helpful.

  2. I have heard foam rollers are good but haven’t ever tried them…
    Love that you do things like a barefoot victory lap to make life more fun! Glenn and I were doing a three-man-weave (minus the third man and minus a basketball) during our long run yesterday and it made us happy to be silly.
    Hope your tightness goes away soon!

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