Five Dollar Dress

We stopped by a Gap Factory Outlet store yesterday to break up our long drive back home. The only clothing I’ve bought in the last six months, other than a coat, is running gear. So it was nice to look at some work clothes and the shopping gods clearly decided to bless me as I found two dresses for five dollars each and a skirt for two dollars. I am wearing one of the dresses today at work and I feel pretty darn put together. My co-worker said it reminded her of something Michelle Obama would wear. Score!

Is it just me, or does it feel so much better to wear a bargain find?

Tonight is Zumba, and I am ready to have some fun and enjoy myself. I will make sure to do some good yoga stretches (especially downward dogs!) this afternoon beforehand to loosen up the old calf muscles for good measure.

I didn’t have time to get a picture this morning, and a selfie won’t do it justice. But this is the dress I am wearing. It’s incredible.

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