Knee report

I was very happy last night because I ran almost 5 miles and my knee did not give me any trouble. Today is my rest day, and I greet it with open arms because I want my body to receive the recovery and restoration that it needs.

Tonight we are going on a family date to our favorite organic burger place, and then spending some quality time playing and relaxing together.

Tomorrow night will be a 6-7 mile run, a few of the miles with buddies. Because I tend to go slower on buddy runs (I like to talk!), I will be working on speed for the first two miles.

I would like to figure out what I am doing about cross-training on Saturdays. I am doing Zumba on Tuesday, which is fun and a moderate workout, but I don’t think it is contributing much toward my strength or flexibility. I am considering yoga, swimming/water jogging, or weight training. I am a routine-oriented person, but perhaps it would be wise to make Saturday a choose-my-own-adventure sort of deal. Thoughts? Do you engage in a cross-training activity that is a must?

I am still fine-tuning my training schedule, but I have been able to stick to running on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and completing a long run on Sunday. Right now this is working well, and according to the Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer and several other training plans I have perused, four days a week, with one reserved for a long-run, should be sufficient for meeting my goal of running and finishing the marathon this September.

4 thoughts on “Knee report

    • Ooooh! Looking at the offerings through the Bellingham studio (downtown) now. I may do a drop-in next Saturday and try it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  1. I’m so glad to hear about the knee! I hope tomorrow’s run is great as well.

    I am terrible for sticking to cross-training..I think yoga/pilates is GREAT for the body – I just never do it enough. bahh!

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