Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday, back to the daily grind. My training plan for the week is to run 3-4 miles tonight, go to Zumba tomorrow, run 4 miles Wednesday night, rest on Thursday, and run 6 miles Friday night. We will be out of town this weekend, so I will be attempting a long run in less familiar territory. Sometimes the mental challenge of following directions is a good way to keep the run interesting…

About to enjoy my second breakfast. Does anybody else snack throughout the morning? For some reason I am much hungrier in the first part of the day. My very favorite mid-morning snack is Greek yogurt with peanut butter granola. The best thing ever. Today I have a banana, which is not as exciting, but still somewhat satisfying.

I started reading a fantastic book over the weekend entitled “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer.” Even though I will not be starting my official 16 week marathon training schedule until late spring, I wanted to read this book ahead of time. In the introduction, the authors point out that there are two mental foundations to following through successful with marathon goals. The first is to commit to the marathon, and tell your friends/family that you are running it. The second is very important, the authors stress, and that is to set a goal of finishing only, without stipulating a time limit. So I am starting to tell my friends and family that I am running this race. I talked about it at length with my husband over the weekend, and he is very excited to see me cross this off my bucket list–his buy-in feels like a million bucks. My goal is to finish. I will run the marathon and get to the finish line.

Looking forward to my run tonight. It’s cold and dry outside–great for star-gazing.

Me at my desk (standing!) checking my voice messages from over the weekend. I’d rather be sweating with a headlamp on 🙂


3 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Hi, I’m really enjoying your blog. I’m doing Janathon and new to blogging (and also jogging!). I agree with you about running through a sore throat. Going to look up the Zen book now it looks full of nuggets …

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