Week in review

It is already the end of the work week. I enjoyed a really lovely rest day yesterday, and I was able to get some good restorative sleep as well. I feel ready to get through my day and very eager to go for a run tonight. The plan is to complete 6 miles. Some dynamic warmup exercises (I am getting over the fact that I look like a loon lunge-stepping up and down the block in front of my house), then two miles to a neighboring area of town, two miles with buddies, and two miles home. I will do speed intervals on the first two miles. So, looking at the week…

Saturday: Cross trained

Sunday: 6.5 miles

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: Cross trained

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: REST

Friday: 6 miles

Total Mileage: 19.5

Not a bad week!

Tomorrow begins the 30 Day Challenge, an event planned by a local running shop to promote fitness in the New Year. The idea is to engage in some sort of exercise every day from January 12th-February 10th. I draw so much strength and motivation from knowing that others are on this journey; I am excited to participate.

Also, I finally broke out the hydration belt I got for the holidays and wore it around the house yesterday (nerd alert, I know) and it was so comfortable I couldn’t believe it! I am excited to try it out on a run–maybe tonight! I am no stranger to running with a fanny pack, so hopefully I am already used to the feeling. It’s Nathan brand (I have another pack by this company, and it’s very light and comfortable)–more in-depth review forthcoming:

My goal for the coming week is to drink more water throughout the day.

4 thoughts on “Week in review

  1. Great week πŸ™‚
    That’s a very nice challenge – I might have to virtually take part because it’s motivating!
    I definitely need to drink A LOT more water each day – it’s suuuch a hard task for me!

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