Happy Place


Me, in my happy place.

What is your happy place? I have many, from devouring a good book while listening to the rain to nursing my toddler on the couch after getting home from daycare. These are the little rituals that ground me in peace. What gifts they are. It still surprises me to acknowledge that running is one of these gifts.

Today is my rest day, and it’s a snowy, silent sort of wintery day. Last night I completed a maintenance run of about 4 miles. I love seeing other runners in the neighborhood, steamy breath bellowing beneath their headlamps. It gives me motivation to know there are others out there making the choice to leave a warm house and endure the elements.

Running practice has brought on so many changes in my life. I was reflecting on a few of them today:

  1. I would rather stand at my desk than sit (side note, adjustable workstations are a health necessity for the desk-bound workforce!)
  2. I consider how what I eat or drink will impact the way I feel later on (my temperamental digestive system is, as a result, grateful)
  3. I am making it through a brutal cold and flu season relatively unscathed (knock on wood). I’ve become more stubborn about running, and I don’t use a scratchy throat as an excuse to skip a run (although it’s mighty tempting!). I’ve found if I get my blood pumping a bit, I usually feel much better the next day.
  4. My knees and ankles are not feeling twinges as often because I am actually building up the right muscles to support them.

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