Hump day musings

I’ve started regularly experiencing dreams about running. Last night I woke up convinced that running a marathon was entirely manageable. It doesn’t seem as manageable now, the farther away I get from that dream, but it is my goal for 2013 and I am going to make it happen. I suppose your mind has to believe it before your body does it. I think the dream was a good omen!

You know you are a runner when you are looking forward to an evening running from the very first moment you wake up in the morning. I am excited to get out there tonight, even though it is pretty wet outside. After yesterday’s cross training, I have some renewed energy, especially since tonight is a buddy run!

I’ve solidified my route for Sunday, and I will be completing an 8 mile trail run, jam-packed with rolling hills. I plan to wear a hydration belt for the first time and to have gel in tow as well. I made sure to select a trail that has some bathroom options along the way… Training with gel is new frontier for me, but I have been listening to my body, and I know that I need extra energy about every five miles. I will be experimenting quite a bit with different brands/flavors as I train this winter. If you have any recommendations, please comment!

2 thoughts on “Hump day musings

  1. oooh, I have never taken gels during runs. I must start incorporating that if I want to do a marathon this year.
    I love that you dreamt about finishing a marathon btw. If you dream it, it just HAS to happen 😀

  2. Yeah, up to this point, I’ve only ever taken gels during the half marathons I ran last fall. I majorly had to suppress my gag reflex to get those things down. I think I need to desensitize myself a bit! I’ll report back if I find a flavor/texture that isn’t too nasty 🙂

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