Picking up the pace

Incorporated speed intervals into my run yesterday for the first time. It wasn’t as easy to tune out and enjoy the ride as when I go for a longer run at a more leisurely pace, but it was fun to punctuate my run with sprints. I did a three mile run, and I switched from normal running pace to more of a sprint for the last quarter of each mile.

Yesterday was a moderately hectic work day and today will be much the same. I feel fortunate to have my running and training goals as a healthy way of processing some of the added stress.

The rest of the week is looking relatively light. Zumba tonight, a buddy run through the neighborhood tomorrow evening, and I will likely revisit my speed intervals on Friday. I plan to take Saturday off and to complete my Sunday long run as a trail run. I would like to complete at least 7 miles on Sunday.



4 thoughts on “Picking up the pace

  1. I absolutely love that picture – a mile IS a mile, no matter how quick or not!
    I love your blog – following you now and absolutely cannot wait to see how your half marathon goes in April and the big one in September! I’m shooting for a marathon around October time!

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