Nobody said it would be easy…

…but when I finished the race yesterday, I felt pretty darn good about myself. I completed 6.5 miles in 1:05. I think I can pick up the pace a bit next time I run this distance and finish in 1:00. I hit a wall at about Mile 2, but I was able to push beyond it more or less after the hydration station at Mile 3. Three things meant the world to me at this event. 1. The volunteers were awesome and put so much energy into making the event fun, even though it was a drizzly and cold Sunday morning. 2. All of the folks who got on the sidelines and gave high fives (to give context, this was a road race that was not closed to traffic, with no sidewalks–basically not very comfortable conditions for hanging out and watching the runners). Especially morale-boosting was the high five I got from a police officer at around Mile 5–it was just what I needed to finish strong. 3. My good friend and training buddy actually drove me down to the race, kept me company and cheered me on at the start and the finish. It makes a huge difference to see a familiar face at the finish line! I am happy I decided to run at this event, and I am looking forward to the next running club event in March.

Short run tonight, probably no more than 2 miles. Every little bit is going to get me to the Half in April.

2 thoughts on “Nobody said it would be easy…

    • That’s great! I ran a half last September, and another one last November. I am trying to wrap my head around how I will be running much longer distances in preparation for a full marathon this September! Eeek!

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