Despite Crowds, PR for 5K

Saturday, I ran a very popular local charity race, which is a 5K through downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Perhaps my jingly reindeer antlers I donned were good luck, because I finished the race in 26 minutes–a personal record for a race day 5K. After the disappointment that came with the hamstring soreness the weekend before, this finish was a good pick-me-up.

Now I turn to some weeks of training– maintenance runs and Zumba mid-week and long runs on the weekends. My next group run is not until New Year’s Day, and my next race (10K) is not for about a month. I hope to spend these weeks increasing speed and agility over long-distance endurance. I know I can run 13.1 miles, but I’d like to shave some time off my finish at my next half marathon, and I can only do that by getting the hang of running a bit faster.

I will admit, it was exhilarating to run a race instead of jogging it.

Until next time!

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