Supplementary Winter Activities

I am brainstorming ways I can supplement my running with other types of cardio over the winter. It gets dark so early, and the weather is pretty cold and wet these days. I tend to do my long runs on the weekends because I can go early in the morning (the easiest time of day for me to be productive, plus minimal space for procrastination), and because I have daylight. I don’t mind if it’s pouring down rain or frosty, as long as I can see where I am going, and the cars can see me.

In the warmer months, I find that I walk a lot more, go on smaller jogs throughout the week after work, and generally spend more time engaged in physical activity. Winter is notoriously difficult, I tend to regress in my level of physical fitness, and I feel generally less motivated. I know I am not alone in experiencing this.

This winter, I am going into training with an accountability partner and both of us are going to try things we might not consider if left to our own devices. Tonight we’re going to a weekly Zumba class for the first time. I think Zumba is corny, but if it gets us moving (and bonus, the room is warm and bright!), it could be a helpful addition to the weekly schedule.

Until later!

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