December Race #1

This race was a mixed bag. Before it started, I had a feeling I might experience something similar to a 5K I ran the weekend directly following my first half marathon which was a latent flare-up of soreness on the parts of my body that were still overstressed. This time, the soreness was not too bad, but I did get a sharp ache in my right hamstring. So, wanting to avoid injury, I decided to run the 5K instead of the 10K.

The good news, is I met a new personal record for my 5K time at a race, and considering this was a pretty hilly course, I was proud of the progress. My fastest 5K race time was 32 minutes, and I finished this last 5K in 29 minutes. Nevertheless, the pacing I employed during the 5K would not be sustainable for the duration of a longer distance run, in my opinion. But I am learning that different length races require gear shifts sometimes, and I don’t have to run a 5K with the same 10.5 or 11 minute mile that I would use during a 10K, 15K, or half marathon.

This coming Saturday is another 5K and I am curious to see what my finishing time is. I am aiming to keep it under 30 minutes. The course is less hilly, but there will be many more runners (last weekend was a running club event, this weekend is a charity race).

This week I will focus on stretching, getting some heat on my hamstring, and perhaps some moderate jogging mid-week to keep things moving.

Until next time!

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