Seattle Half Marathon

This was my second half marathon this fall. The difference between this one and the one I ran in September is that I actually prepared intentionally for this race. The earlier half marathon was a complete experiment to see if I could live or die. Last weekend’s race had a few more motivations behind it.

My wishlist for the Seattle Half was:

-Run all 13.1 miles

-Finish under 2:30

-Avoid injury

I am really happy to report back that I met all three goals on my wishlist!!! I did, in fact, run all 13.1 miles. I have found over the last few months that it is easier for me to shuffle by with a recovery jog when I am getting tired than to walk or mess around with intervals. My chip time was 2:26, with the second split slightly faster than the first (a sign that my pacing was good). Unlike the first half marathon, I have no residual soreness or injury. This might be in part due to my new shoes, which are phenomenal, but I am going to give most of the credit to good old fashioned training.

Running this half marathon felt incredible, both during and after. The course was a lot less hilly than I had anticipated, with a fair amount of slight downhill, which was a lovely surprise. It did not rain the day of the race, despite the fact that the week before had been wet, windy, and generally miserable. Aside from a nervous stomach before the race, I felt really good and did not get any cramps during the run.

My next official half marathon will likely be at the Whidbey Island Marathon in April. This gives me about four months to train. I would like to finish the next race in the neighborhood of 2:15.

Because winter is notoriously difficult for getting the motivation to go outside and run (I don’t do treadmills), I joined my local running club so that I have at least one race a month that I will participate in leading up to April. I am sprinkling a few other community/charity races in there. I realize that is a lot of races, but it was precisely that strategy that helped to keep me going during the fall. I also enjoy races because I am a somewhat competitive spirit and it also gives a more realistic rehearsal for the Big Race Day to Come.

This Saturday I am treating myself to a 10K, which sounds like a luxuriously short distance right about now…

Until then!